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Potential Jobs for CFA Candidates

Passing the CFA exam is extremely difficult and time-consuming, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run. If one examines career trajectories within the financial industry, most of the top positions are reserved for people who have some type of initial designation following their name. Whether it’s an MBA, a CPA, or a CFA,

Wiley CFA Level II – 11th Hour Guide for 2016

Wiley 11th Hour Guide for 2015 Level II CFA Exam condenses the most important concepts, formulas and questions for readings 1 to 60 into one easy to use volume. It encapsulates the most critical testable information for the reader. A last revision means you cannot scan large volumes of information. The Wiley 11th Hour Guide

Wiley CFA Level I – 11th Hour Guide for 2016

A thorough round-up of key concepts before the exam is a must for every test-taker. This is where the Wiley’s 11th Hour Guide scores big marks. The book is designed to help CFA Level 1 exam takers to do a final practice run-up by going through the most important concepts as well as formulas. Designed

CFA Level I – Study Notes and Question Bank

CFA Level I Authority is Finance Train’s comprehensive training program to help you pass the CFA Level I exam in the most efficient way. As a part of CFA Level I Authority you will have access to all the tools you need to be prepared for the exam.

Best Calculator for CFA Exam

For the CFA exam, there are only two calculators allowed by the CFA Institute. The candidates can buy either of these and must carry them to the Exam Center on exam day. The two calculators are: Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator (including BA II Plus Professional) HP 12C Financial Calculator (including the HP 12C

CFA Exam Registration Fees

Understanding how CFA exam registration fees structure works may be confusing for some students. Here I am providing a simple explanation. 1. Note that there are discounts available for early registration. 2. When you enroll into CFA, there is a one-time enrollment fee to be paid. This fee has nothing to do with the exam.

Non-Current Long Term Liabilities

Non-current liabilities affect a company’s liquidity and solvency and have consequences for its long-term growth and viability. In this lesson, we will learn about long-term liabilities such as bonds, leases, and pension plans, and how they impact financial statements.

Accounting for Income Taxes

A company’s accounting policies (such as depreciation choices, and valuation of assets) can cause differences in taxes reported in financial statements and taxes reported on tax returns. In this lesson “Income Taxes” we will learn about several issues relating to deferred taxes.

Long-lived Assets

Long-lived assets refer to the long term assets that include property, plant and equipment (PPE), natural resources, intangible assets, and financial assets.