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How to Stay on Top of Your Family’s Finances

Money doesn’t unfortunately grow on trees. If you have a family, keeping your finances in check is essential and it can be difficult to know where and when to start. If you want to ensure your family finances are in order, take note of the following easy steps and tips. Understand your income and expenses

Earning Continuing Education (CE) Credits for the CFP Program

Continuing Education (CE) is an integral part of being a Certified Financial Planner or CFP. A certificate holder is required to report 30 hours of CE credits in each reporting period. This period includes two years ending with the last day of certificant’s renewal month. Credits must be earned from programs that cover the financial

Required Work Experience for CFP Certification

CFP Board’s work experience requirement is defined as “the supervision, direct support, teaching or personal delivery of all or part of the personal financial planning process to a client.” Qualifying experience must fit within one or more of the six primary elements of the personal financial planning process described as follows: Establishing and Defining the Relationship

Becoming a Certified Financial Planner

A survey by the Certified Financial Planners Board among upper-income households threw up the following observations: 85% considered successful completion of a certification examination “very important” or “extremely important.” 95% felt financial planners should adhere to professional practice standards. 97% said the most important standard for financial planners was adherence to a professional code of